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Come to our bday party

–For immediate release–

We’re having a Music Concert, Live Painting, Beer Release, Free Arts MN Fundraiser Party!

Our first year in almost in the books, and it’s already been a crazy ride. We got voted Minnesota’s Best New Brewery, we got picked as one of the best new breweries in the United States, we launched into tallboy cans, and showed the world our proficiency to drive forklifts, throw kegs, and chug beer.  Now it’s time to celebrate. On April 15th, 2017 we’re going have 4 live music acts, and have 8 artists create live art on large canvases, and release a crazy beer – all while raising funds for Free Arts MN. There will also be a dunk tank.


The music lineup will feature 4 MN artists, including: The 4onthefloor, Greg Grease, Sarah White, Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band. We’ll also have DJ sets by Sophia Eris and Mike 2600, and the party will be hosted by GO 95.3’s Auggie 5000.  Alongside the musicians, 8 local artists will each be creating a piece on 4′ x 4′ canvas that will be auctioned off to the benefit of Free Arts MN, an organization that supports the artistic and personal development of youths in challenging circumstances.


We’ll also be releasing another one-of-a-kind beer. It’s still a secret. More details soon.


You can show Facebook your interest by heading over HERE.



The 4onthefloor (playing at 9 pm)

From the band: With the 4onthefloor’s third release, All In, frontman, Gabriel Douglas, wants the band’s next album to be driving and immediate; something that speaks to the growing audience of the band. “You don’t need a time machine to experience this record and this isn’t a kid playing with a laptop in their closet,” said Douglas. The band wanted to showcase their roots in blues and also the immediacy of post-pop punk with the hooks & sing-a-longs you’d find in all the best road trip anthems. All songs on this record were written with a notable high octane, and the furious delivery can be heard throughout the tracks.


Greg Grease (playing at 8 pm)


photo credit: Greg Grease


Greg Grease is a rapper based in Minneapolis, MN.

Grease’s shuffled cadence and smooth delivery are complimented by hazy jazz samples and strong production across several mixtapes and full-length albums. Lyrics address the struggle, racism, personal value and vindication, and blowing smoke with the squad. Catch Grease live with his crew ZuluZuluu or accompanied by the consistently fresh DJ Just Nine.


Sarah White (playing at 7 pm)

photo credit: Q + A


From Sarah’s site:

Sarah White has performed internationally, sharing stages and collaborating with talented artists including Yasiin Bey, K-OS, Macy Gray, King Britt, J*Davey, and M.ANIFEST. Proving that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to drop a beat, Sarah has independently released 2 solo albums, her voice is featured on record label releases from the Midwest to Tokyo, and she won Scion’s Best Electronic Vocalist Competition while living in NYC. Recent projects include traveling to Cuba and recording in Havana, Neon Soul Band – Shiro Dame-, and the new EP: Laughing at Ghosts.


Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band (playing at 4 pm)

photo credit: ripped this from Nato’s fb


From Nato:

I grew up near Milwaukee Wis., and started a band. I moved to Milwaukee, the band changed into the Modern Machines and that became my life until the drummer quit at the end of 2006. Then, I moved to Brooklyn and did the Radio Faces, followed by the Used Kids, both of whom put out one full length album and some assorted other records.

Now, I’m back in the Midwest. Me and the Blue Diamond Band are ready to rock some socks. Stay free!


DJ Sophia Eris (Playing at 5 pm)

photo credit: Sophia Eris


From Sophia’s site:

Sophia Eris is a DJ/MC currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. Born as a Military Brat, she has moved through many different homes & influences that has left her open minded and forever a student of life. Musically, she has used her upbringing to cultivate her skills in the exact same way. She is now a DJ for the booming new Hip Hop radio station in Minneapolis, Go 95.3, and also the touring DJ for the newly Atlantic Records signee, Lizzo.


DJ Mike2600 (Playing at 10 pm)

photo credit: ripped this from Mike’s FB



When Mike isn’t designing our cans, he’s busy being an accomplished DJ with over 20 years experience of entertaining you by mixing rap and funk music. He is City Pages’ Best Club DJ of 2010 and a 2012 + 2016 Red Bull Thre3style DJ Championship U.S. finalist.



Live Art!

Throughout the course of the afternoon/evening, 8 local artists will be creating original works on 4′ x 4′ canvases. The pieces will all be auctioned off and the proceeds will be shared with Free Arts Minnesota! “Free Arts Minnesota is a non-profit organization that provides youth in challenging circumstances a safe place for expression and self discovery. We bring caring adult volunteers into our partner sites to work alongside youth while engaging in art projects. Providing a safe, supportive, and consistent experience goes a long way to helping our youth build trusting and positive relationships.” -From their site.


Here’s some of the artists involved:

Art Supplies Drive!

We’re also helping out Free Arts MN by having an Art Supplies Drive. If you’re in the giving spirit, here is a list of supplies they’re in need of:

-glue sticks
-scotch/masking/duct tape
-canvas paper/multi-media paper
-drawing pencils
-kneaded erasers
-cardstock paper



We present to you, TURBULENT JUICE: a kettle sour fruited milkshake ipa. Details over HERE!



  • We’re going to have custom birthday donuts from Sssdude-nutz.
  • We’re going to have a make your own button station from Sikpin.
  • We’re going to have a dunk tank.

16 ounces of Modist


We at Modist Brewing Co. are pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing two of our most popular brands in 16 oz cans this coming Thursday (3/9).  The cans will be available at select liquor stores (in 4 packs), as well as a handful of bars and restaurants.  

As part of our admiration for local art, we committed to surrendering the majority of the real estate on the can to amazing art from some local artists. These first two cans are adorned with pieces from two accomplished artists that form Burlesque of North America


If you’re looking to be one of the first to snag one of these cans, a complete list of where they’ll be available can be found below. We’ll also be celebrating via a can launch party at Pat’s Tap on Thursday night. For more details, head over here



At Modist, our aim is to modify beer and how it is perceived by defying rules and expectations.  We deviate from traditional brewing by embracing creativity and unconstrained experimentation, taking an innovative approach to ingredients and techniques in order to harness raw inspiration and create a new beer experience.



First Call (currently the #1 ranked pale lager in the world on is a celebration of our favorite morning thing (coffee), and our favorite night thing (beer). We use barley and oats to create a light, clean beer with nice a full body, then infuse it with an outstanding espresso roast from local coffee roasters Wesley Andrews.  The end result is what we like to call a “24 hour lager.” It’s a light-colored, easy-drinking lager with a mind-blowing coffee punch.



DREAMYARD is a hazy crazy juicy american ipa. We use the ability of our mash filter system to create a grain bill that is almost entirely oats and wheat. The properties of the grain create a fantastic haze that helps to lock in the aromas and flavors from an insane amount of Citra and Denali hops.  The end result in incredibly juicy and citrusy treat, with predominant aromas and flavors of pineapple, peach, and passion fruit, and a very approachable level of bitterness.



We felt it important that our beers’ artwork capture our appreciation for all things alternative. To bring this vision to life we partnered with the local screen-printing, music poster-making, graphic-designing, subculture-appreciating badasses Burlesque of North America.


Mike Davis and Wes Winship are the co-owners of BRLSQ, an award-winning creative studio specializing in graphic arts and high quality screenprinting. Since 2003, the team at Burlesque has been responsible for creating concert posters, art prints, murals, logos, stage graphics, album artwork, t-shirts and more for a wide variety of clients including Rhymesayers Entertainment, Minnesota Public Radio, Arcade Fire, Chromeo, and more. 


Wes began exploring screenprinting in the late 1990s. While working as a writer, designer, and publisher of the legendary Life Sucks Die graffiti magazine, he taught himself how to use desktop publishing and design software. As he quickly outgrew the homemade screenprinting studio in the basement of his South Minneapolis apartment, Winship began building the larger, more intricate, and constantly-evolving print studio which would become Burlesque. In early 2016, Wes teamed up with fellow artist Nick Mamayek to kickstart the Burlesque Public Works Division, an offshoot of Burlesque which focuses on large scale murals and public art installations. 
Born in Nashville TN, Mike Davis grew up infatuated with video games, cartoons, action figures, and Yo! MTV Raps. While studying graphic design and extra-curricularly studying graffiti in St. Louis, he and Wes Winship became friends and began working on design projects together. This prompted Mike to move to Minneapolis to help launch Burlesque. Mike is also an accomplished DJ with over 20 years experience of entertaining you by mixing rap and funk music. He is City Pages’ Best Club DJ of 2010 and a 2012 + 2016 Red Bull Thre3style DJ Championship U.S. finalist.




For First Call, we felt that a 24 hour beer needed a 24 hour visual component. Mike captures the historic confluence of coffee and beer by exploring visualizations of day vs night, light vs dark, and the sun vs the moon – all depicted in stark black and white graphics.




We imagine a “dreamyard” to be a place where original thoughts, dreams, and desires are grown and harvested into reality. In the DREAMYARD artwork, Wes captures this concept by creating a psychedelic, mystical, colorful dream world that is just…. cool….




If you feel like being one of the first to crack into one of these cans, there will be limited amounts delivered to the following places. For a more fancier and comprehensive map of everywhere our beer is, go HERE.


South Lyndale Liquors
Pat’s Tap
Elevated Mpls
France 44
Elevated WBL
Thomas Liquors
Rapids Liqour (Coon Rapids)
First Grand Ave Liquors
Zipps Liquor
World of Beer – Lowertown
1010 Liquors
McCafferty’s Liquors
Stinson WBS
Liquor Village
Top 10 Liquors SLP
Lowertown Wine & Spirits
Minnehaha/Lake WS
Ale Jail
Park Liquors
Bacchus Wine & Spirits
Lake Wine & Spirits
Liquor Barrel – Mendota Heights
Central Ave Liquors
Perrier Liquor – Grand Ave
Gianni’s Steakhouse
B&G Liquor in NE