April 18, 2023

Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned

We decided to pull out all of the stops for this year’s anniversary and created the long awaited 2nd entry into our Brewed Spirits series, Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned.

We’re continuing to push the boundaries of what a beer can be, pushing it into new spaces:

Brewed Spirits – a beer inspired by and brewed as a spirit then fermented as a beer served neat or in a cocktail.

We are making spirit mashes and fermenting them just like beer and then, when necessary, aging them on barrels to obtain the full flavor profile. We took this one and turned it into one of our favorite cocktails, an Old Fashioned – with a twist!

Introducing Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned, a Brewed Spirit wheated bourbon mash of corn, wheat and barley. Fermented to 22% ABV, aged in 18 year bourbon barrels for 16 months, and then served as an Old Fashioned garnished with lemon peel.

Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned will be available in the taproom starting April, 22.