April 27, 2023

Hi South Dakota & Nebraska!


On the tail of our seven-year anniversary, Modist Brewing Company (that’s us) is proud to announce we have officially begun distributing our award-winning craft beers to both South Dakota and Nebraska. Partnering with Global Distributing, our beers will be available in limited quantities at select liquor stores and draft locations throughout both states, with most of the concentration on Sioux Falls and Omaha.

“Couldn’t be more excited to partner with Global and finally get our beer into our neighboring states,” says John Donnelly, one of the four owners of Modist. “Global really values what we’re doing and we’re excited to join their portfolio alongside some of our Minnesota brewery friends.” 

In addition to a slew of our award-winning flagship offerings, Dreamyard, False Pattern, and Supra Deluxe, we plan on including 2 limited offerings, Avalanche Splash, a punchy tropical fruited sour with pineapple, tangerine, Sicilian lemon and passion fruit, and Marble Sky, a Double Dry Hopped New England Triple IPA made in collaboration with Phase Three Brewing in Illinois.

To see where our first drop of beers in both states will be, keep scrolling down, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a list. Well, it’s less of a surprise now that you read this… sorry.


AccountAccount Type
Omaha Tap HouseOn-Prem
Casual PintOn-Prem
Crescent MoonOn-Prem
The StillOn-Prem
Isle PubOn-Prem
Corner TapOn-Prem
Jakes CigarOn-Prem
Library PubOn-Prem
Pour CraftOn-Prem
Blatt Beer and TableOn-Prem
Wine Beer SpiritsOff Prem
Wall to WallOff Prem
BeertopiaOff Prem
MoransOff Prem
Hy-VeeOff Prem
Norms on 48thOff Prem
N Street DiveOff Prem

South Dakota

AccountAccount Type
JL BeersOn-Prem
JL Beers – WesternOn-Prem
Tap House 41On-Prem
Independent Ale HouseOn-Prem
Pour 54On-Prem
Bread and CircusOn-Prem
PS PizzaOn-Prem
Dakota BrickhouseOn-Prem
Glacial LakesOn-Prem
Market on the PlazaOn-Prem
Spearfish Public HouseOn-Prem
Barrel HouseOn Prem
WilliquorsOff Prem
Hy-VeeOff Prem
Good SpiritsOff Prem
JJ’s LiquorOff Prem
FogiesOff Prem
Booze BoysOff Prem
Brookings LiquorOff Prem
Vermillion LiquorOff Prem
Discount Liquor – WatertownOff Prem
Kessler’sOff Prem
Natural AbundanceOff Prem
Looks MarketOff Prem
Timmons MarketOff Prem
Smith’s LiquorOff Prem
Boyd’sOff Prem
Spearfish LiquorOff Prem
Brandon SpiritsOff Prem