April 18, 2020

Hey friends! We miss you.

Hey friends! We miss you. Today we should be hosting you at our house for a big celebration of Modist’s 4th Birthday party. We should be in the warehouse, jumping or wiggling or wallflowering to live music. Green Greens should be pouring non-stop all day, and the elusive Illbrewminati should have kicked by the end of the weekend (if it actually existed). We should be absorbing art from local artists, and watching live art be created throughout the evening. We should be raising money for a local charity, because that is how we celebrate the existence of this brewery–by celebrating and supporting our community, because without it we know that we would not exist.

Modist has always been about more than beer. Beer is our chosen catalyst for executing our mindset. Modist is an idea, a lens with which to look at and approach anything and everything. 

What we need now more than ever are modifiers. The idea of Modist has always been about challenging norms, and never being satisfied with the status quo. The thought that manifested Modist into being was, we know what beer has been, but where can beer go? We’ve spent the last 4 years experimenting, and continually executing the asking of that question. We as a brand and as employees have expressed what Modist is to us through beer, through our taproom, and through our events.  

So tell us how you Modify. Share with us, share it with your friends, share it with the world. What do you modify? Why? How have your creative outlets changed since the hit of COVID-19? What gives you hope? How can we better support our Modist family out there? Like, for real. We want to know. Make a video, make a post, send an email  [info@modistbrewing.com] and share it with your friends, family, us or keep it to yourself. Hell, tag us in it and let us know.

This isn’t a pop quiz, we just truly want to know. This is a check in to make sure that you all are doing okay out there, not a check out to feeling sad about missing the anniversary party. And if you are bummed about missing the anniversary party, that’s okay. We are too.  

Keep being yourself, now, especially. Keep your humans strong. Stay present, and stay endlessly unapologetic of who you are. But most of all, stay healthy and respectful, friends. 

We love trying to awkwardly smother you in love and appreciation from afar, but we’d much rather be cheersing and sweating with you in a packed warehouse space in the North Loop. We don’t know for sure when, but we will see you again. We seriously can’t wait to get the taps flowing again. 

Until that is safe to do, stay authentic, stay healthy, keep modifying, and support your locally owned businesses. We ❤️ you, and cheers to you for supporting Modist. Cheers to 4 years down, and forever to go.