April 15, 2020

The Illbrewminati Doesn’t Exist

Don’t listen to those conspiracies. They’re simply not true. The Illbrewminati doesn’t exist, it never did exist, and it never will exist. And Illbrewminati Vol. 1 isn’t a thing. It isn’t a collaboration between us AND Barrel Theory AND Forager. It wasn’t two separate imperial stouts aged in separate bourbon barrels. One of them wasn’t a 12 year Knob Creek barrel that was once used for Boozehound. The other barrel never held any Boone County Bourbon. The two barrels weren’t blended together to create the initial Illbrewminati because the Illbrewminati doesn’t exist. There wasn’t a conditioning period where the blended beer sat on toasted coconut, banana, Madagascar vanilla beans & cocoa nibs. There is simply no way this Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout could be 12.2% ABV because it’s not real. None of that happened.

However, if it did actually exist, which it doesn’t, it would probably be released THIS SATURDAY APRIL 18TH. And if it did exist, which it doesn’t, it would probably be available on our online store beginning Saturday morning at 9 am with a limit of 2 bottles per person, and be available for pick up OR delivery. But it doesn’t exist, so you shouldn’t worry about it.