September 25, 2019


You know that feeling when you really want to crack open that hypey new 14% pastry stout bottle from Forage Theory that you just bought, but you don’t know if you want the whole thing so you should probably invite a friend over to share it with, but you really don’t want to because Keigan is probably going to try and make you play Pokémon legos again? Introducing BITE SIZE, a pastry stout you don’t have to share!


BITE SIZE is a 6.7% Pastry Stout brewed w/ pale, wheat, crystal, roasted chocolate malts, Ghana cacao nibs & Madagascar vanilla beans. It’s so good that even your evil lookin’ chatter teeth won’t be able to resist (we’ve all got some, don’t be embarrassed). Plus, you won’t have to hear Keigan tell you about the rise of Volkswagen from 1944 to 1948 when the company owed its post-war existence largely to one man, wartime British Army officer Major Ivan Hirst, REME.


BITE SIZE is releasing in the taproom on Saturday, September 28th and then making its way to your favorite liquor stores and water holes for a bit of an extended stay!