July 19, 2018

Introducing: Wood Fermented Sours

It is with much joy and pride that we announce the much anticipated debut of our wood fermented beers. Our 20 barrel wooden foeders (that were purchased as part of our expansion last December) have officially completed their maiden voyage and are ready to bring you two brand new fruited sours. Foeder Sour #1 (sour ale fermented with raspberry, passion fruit and vanilla bean) will debut this Saturday 7/21, and Foeder Sour #2 (sour ale fermented with pineapple, mango and passion fruit) will debut Saturday 7/28. Our plan to combine old school tech with our new school beers is officially a go. More details below.


What’s a fouder tho?

A foeder (pronounced food-er) is a large wooden vat constructed of wooden planks (staves) and metal hoops, similar to a barrel. Traditionally used to age wine, foeders have been making their way into brewing world as a way to ferment large volumes of beer on wood. And unlike barrels, modern day foeders come tricked out with all sorts of toys to make them an efficient way to ferment beer: temperature controlled cooling jackets, (hu)manways, sprayballs, and other gizmos.


Why ferment on wood tho?

Firstly, the flavor. Our foeders are made from 100% American oak which imparts flavors of wood and vanilla while providing a nice dry finish. Secondly, since wood is a living breathing thing, it allows for a slow ingress of oxygen into the beer, helping the beer achieve a more mature and smooth flavor without sacrificing quality.


Our first foeder beers!

For our first two foeder beers we doubled up on some sour power:


Foeder Sour #1 (pictured above): Sour ale brewed with 60% wheat malt and 40% pale malt. Fermented in one of our American oak foeders with raspberries, passion fruit and vanilla bean. 4.3% abv.

(Releasing 7/21 at 12 pm, on tap, limited crowlers available)

Foeder Sour #2: Sour ale brewed with 75% wheat malt and 25% Pilsner malt. Fermented in of our American oak foeders with pineapple, mango, and passion fruit. 4.8% abv.

(Releasing 7/28 at 12 pm, on tap, limited crowlers available)