May 24, 2018

We’re releasing 2TWO2 Collaborations!

Back to back collab alert:

On the left: Cowlaboration #9   lab with Red Cow. A soft and hazy Single Hop IPA brewed from barley and heavily hopped with Denali. 6.5% ABV, releases on tap Thursday 5/24 at all the Red Cow locations, Red Rabbit, and at the Modist taproom.

On the right: Sun Protection Factor, a FRUIT PUNCH MILKSHAKE IPA we made with our friends at Portage Brewing Company. Dropping at 12 PM Friday 5/25 at both taprooms just in time for #memorialdayweekend. SPF is a Fruit Punch Milkshake IPA loaded with pounds of pineapple  , strawberry  , mango  , coconut   , and vanilla  that are packed on top of a malt bill of oats, wheat, and lactose and a hop bill of Denali, Citra, and Mosaic. Modist will have a 3 crowler limit at $11/each. Get here!!!