February 15, 2019

Printerstellar: a Space Aged 3rd Birthday Party

Greetings earthlings!

This April we are officially turning 3 years old and blasting off into year 4 with a party of COSMIC PROPORTIONS! Along with our friends at 89.3 The Current, BRLSQ, Atomic Data, and Reach for the Stars, we’re throwing a giant space themed party, releasing some space aged beers, and SENDING KIDS TO SPACE CAMP! The party will feature an out of this world lineup of music, live space-themed mural painting, a brand new collection of space art prints, and you’ll even be able to take a virtual reality tour of real life virtual space! Some details:


Printerstaller will feature music from:

  • Astronautalis
  • Astralblak
  • Nur-D
  • Mike2600
  • Babyghost


Debuting at Printerstellar will be a brand new collection of space-themed art prints that will be on sale to the benefit of Minneapolis’s chapter of Reach for the Stars – a math and science focused non-profit that sends public school kids to space camp! Contributing artists include:

  • Eight Hour Day
  • Mike Davis
  • Ry Macaryan
  • Jenny Schmid
  • Milton Un
  • Jenny Moran
  • Rochambo
  • Witt Siasoco

In addition to the prints, there will be a collection of artists live painting space themed murals, including:

  • Biafra, Inc
  • Rogue Citizen
  • Martzia Thometz


  • The party will also feature a badass virtual reality exhibit from our friends at REM5.
  • We’ll be releasing a few space-aged beers, including a collab with Astronautalis, more details soon.
  • There will be food, including pies from Galactic Pizza.
  • Whatever else we can think of will also be included.


RSVP on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1996766987286074