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Not Your Grandma’s Blueberry Pie


Shook is back just in time for the biggest pie season in the history of pie seasons. You think Pi day is a big deal? We raise you Shook Blueberry Pie WEEK! Introducing Shook Blueberry Pie: it’s everything you love about Shook, but with the addition of over 2000lbs of blueberries, graham crackers, Madagascar vanilla beans, and milk sugar. This will put your grandma’s pie to shame, if she accidentally made you a beer instead of a pie again. Oh, Grandma…


We’re celebrating a WHOLE WEEK of Shook Blueberry Pie starting with the taproom release on Saturday, November 16th, and then as it hits liquor stores beginning on Monday, November 18th! Check back here on Monday the 18th for the full delivery details.