March 22, 2023

New Event Space Coming

If you’ve visited the taproom recently, you may have noticed a few changes going on behind the brewhouse. No, the noise of concrete pulverized by sledgehammers and the plastic shield along the back wall isn’t our attempts at a The Last Of Us apocalypse-chic, Dexter’s Lab experimental art installation. No, it’s the sounds and looks of an active construction zone, aka, we’re doing some shit.

What shit are we doing? Well, if you’re the cunning type that reads headlines of blog posts, you’d know that we’re starting a $2 million renovation to not only create a brand new, multi-level, mural-infested, mirrored-ceilinged, neon-overdosed, brewer zoo of an event space. We’re also adding brand new employee offices, an employee lounge, and a science lab filled with beakers, microscopes, things that shake things, and other science things… but not ray guns, that’s Dexter’s Laboratory, not ours.

This 100-person capacity event space will be welcoming and inclusive of many communities and uses—corporate events, doggy baby showers, wedding parties, and just about anything else you can think of that we’re zoned for. That inclusivity doesn’t begin once we open the doors, though. That started over a year ago when we started working with Kraus Anderson (KA), in partnership with their Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) contractor J. Benson as part of KA’s multi-year mentoring relationship with the certified BIPOC-owned firm, recently named Minnesota Associated General Contractors’ Diverse Business of the Year. We’ve also been working with Perkins and Will for the past year to make sure the space hits every vibe just right.

With all this brick-busting and reverse-busting (aka building) going on, and with a lot of work with our contractor, the taproom will see minimal interruptions and beer will continue to be brewed, fermented, packaged, and consumed throughout the entirety of the process.

As it sits right now, the new event space should be completed mid-July of this year (2023, the year of our dark lord), and, of course, we’ll be throwing a party once it’s ready.

Stay tuned for updates, strange analogies, impeccably accurate descriptions, and more.

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