January 28, 2020

Modist Brewing to Release World’s First (Probably) D&D Beer Wrapped in a D&D Adventure

We’ve teamed up with local singer/songwriter/heartthrob/Dungeon Master Jeremy Messersmith and the rest of the day-drinking/D&D-loving/creative brain trust that forms Unconventional Pleasures, to create a beer that comes wrapped (literally) with an original D&D campaign. It’s a low ABV IPA called Tabletop Session, debuting in the Modist taproom on Sunday, February 16th with cans hitting retail the next day, Monday, February 17th. 

The release party on February 16th will have TWO group gaming sessions at 1 pm & 4 pm. All you need to do is come to the brewery with a group of up to 5 over-21-ers, buy a four-pack, and we’ll lead you through the rest. We’ll have the group start and end the campaign together. The adventure is called “Search for the Elder Draft” and, spoiler, the host for these sessions is Jeremy Messersmith, who will probably use a funny voice or two. Also, Steak and Unicorns did the character art and it’s badass.

Our charity partner, ACLU MN, will be on hand to mix a little advocacy with your natural 20s. The suggested donation is $7 instead of an event cover charge. Beer. Role-playing. Bonus points for costumes. See you there!

RSVP to the event on Facebook!

For those hunting down the retail release to play at home, here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a 4 pack from one of the stores that will be listed here on the Monday of the release.
  2. Each can has a different character. Pick one.
  3. Pick one person to be the Game Master. They go to the website on the can. (tabletopsession.com)
  4. Start playing.

Liquor StoreDelivery Day
1010 Washington Wine & SpiritsMonday
Central Ave LiquorsMonday
Chicago Lake LiquorsMonday
Elevated MinneapolisMonday
Falls LiquorMonday
Franklin Nicollet LiquorMonday
Haskells DowntownMonday
Hennepin Lake LiquorMonday
Hums LiquorMonday
Ken and NormsMonday
Kowalskis UptownMonday
Lake Wine and SpiritsMonday
Lowry Hill LiquorsMonday
Lunds & Byerly’s DowntownMonday
MGM CalhounMonday
North Loop Wine & SpiritsMonday
South Lyndale LiquorsMonday
Apple Valley Liquor 3Tuesday
Blue Max LiquorsTuesday
Cheers BloomingtonTuesday
Edina Liquor #1 50thFranceTuesday
Edina Liquor #2 SouthdaleTuesday
Edina Liquor #3 GrandviewTuesday
EP 1 Liquor 78th StreetTuesday
EP 2 Liquor Den RoadTuesday
EP 3 Liquor PC DriveTuesday
France 44Tuesday
Hi 5 LiquorTuesday
Hy Vee ShakopeeTuesday
Lakeville Liquors 1Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 3Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 4Tuesday
Lunds & Byerly’s ChanhassenTuesday
Marketplace LiquorTuesday
MGM ChaskaTuesday
MGM Prior LakeTuesday
Savage Wine and SpiritsTuesday
Sids Discount LiquorsTuesday
South Side LiquorTuesday
Southbridge LiquorTuesday
The Vintage ChanhassenTuesday
Top 10 ChanhassenTuesday
Total Wine-BloomingtonTuesday
Total Wine-BurnsvilleTuesday
Total Wine-ChanhassenTuesday
Viking Liquor BarrelTuesday
G Will Liquors AndoverWednesday
G Will Liquors Lino LakesWednesday
Haskells Maple GroveWednesday
Haskells MinnetonkaWednesday
Haskells PlymouthWednesday
Hy Vee Brooklyn ParkWednesday
Hy Vee New HopeWednesday
Hy Vee PlymouthWednesday
Kowalskis ExcelsiorWednesday
Lexington Municipal LiquorWednesday
Liquor Barrel GVWednesday
Liquor BoyWednesday
MGM HopkinsWednesday
MGM Maple GroveWednesday
MGM MinnetonkaWednesday
MGM PlymouthWednesday
MGM St. Louis ParkWednesday
Princetons LiquorWednesday
Shorewood LiquorWednesday
Sids Liquor PlymouthWednesday
Strong LiquorWednesday
Tonka Bottle ShopWednesday
Top 10 AndoverWednesday
Top 10 BlaineWednesday
Total Wine-Maple GroveWednesday
Total Wine-MinnetonkaWednesday
Vicksburg LiquorsWednesday
Westwood LiquorsWednesday
Fridley Liquor 57thThursday
G Will Liquors BPThursday
Lunds & Byerly’s Golden ValleyThursday
Robbinsdale Wine and SpiritsThursday
Top 10 St Louis ParkThursday
Ale JailFriday
Cellars ShoreviewFriday
Cellars StillwaterFriday
Elevated White Bear LakeFriday
First Grand LiquorFriday
G Will Liquors Cottage GroveFriday
Haskells HighlandFriday
Haskells StillwaterFriday
Hy Vee Cottage GroveFriday
Jerry’s Wine and SpiritsFriday
Kowalskis St PaulFriday
Lakeridge Wine VHFriday
Liquor Barrel St PaulFriday
Liquor Vault LowertownFriday
Merwins Falcon HeightsFriday
MGM EaganFriday
Midway LiquorFriday
Perrier Liquors-STPFriday
Rosemount LiquorFriday
Scotts LiquorFriday
The Little Wine ShoppeFriday
Thomas LiquorsFriday
Top 10 Cottage GroveFriday
Top 10 RosevilleFriday
Top 10 WoodburyFriday
Total Wine-EaganFriday
Total Wine-RosevilleFriday
Total Wine-WoodburyFriday
Lake Aire Bottle ShoppeDuluth
Mount Royal Bottle ShopDuluth