April 28, 2019

Modist Brewing Co. Named Most Innovative Brewery in Minnesota

This past Friday marked the first annual MN Brewer’s Cup Awards, and we brought home 2 pieces of hardware that left us both grateful and flattered. To the left is the award for Most Innovative Brewery. To be awarded this by our peers left us speechless, but we still managed to give a speech and we’ll do our best to reproduce what we said here (with slightly less cursing) – it basically boiled down to 3 things:


1) We were just one of many innovators that were in the room Friday night. We believe that some of the coolest shit happening in beer is happening right here in MN, and we promise to keep doing cool stuff if you all do the same.


2) Innovation is a cool thing, and so is inclusion. We think it’d be cool if all us breweries start innovating on all fronts so we can make sure everyone can experience this cool thing we’re doing.


3) Innovation doesn’t mean jack shit without tradition. We live in a state with a rich brewing tradition, and Modist wouldn’t be here without it. So to those who brew to tradition, you inspire us daily, and we thank you.


Also pictured to the right is another award for Dreamyard, this time taking First Place for Hazy IPA. A bunch of blind judges tasted a bunch of submissions and picked Dreamyard to be the best in the class. That means a lot. Thank you, everyone, who keeps drinking that beer. Peace!