August 22, 2022

Modist at The Ball Park Cafe

This is the time of the year that some Minnesotans look forward to the most, the Minnesota State Fair! Everyone’s making their list of crazy beers and various foods on sticks to try. This year we didn’t just make one beer for the Great Minnesota Get-Together, we made two! That’s right, two! (We know, we’re so crazy.) Well, make sure to add Blue Macaron Pastry Lager and Trippple Orange Smoothie Sour to that list that is fer sure really extensive.

Both beers are exclusively found at our friends, The Ball Park Cafe, so make sure to navigate through the crowds over there and get these beers before they’re gone!

MN Brew Together: Blue Macaron Pastry Lager, in collaboration with both The Ball Park Cafe & Humble Forager, is brewed with pilsner malt, almonds, milk sugar, marshmallows, vanilla bean, lemon, coconut and blue spirulina and 5.0% ABV.

Trippple Orange Smoothie Sour, made in collaboration with The Ball Park Cafe Trippple Orange Smoothie Sour is brewed with malted barley, wheat malt, tangerine, Cara Cara orange, blood orange and vanilla bean.