June 3, 2016

We made a beer from 100% wheat

We went ahead and made a beer out of 100% wheat because we’ve never had a beer made of 100% wheat. It’s a big beer with a wheaty haze and a lot of juicy hops. This is the first in a line of experimental beers that are designed to explore and discover where beer can go and what beer can be. Here’s some more details:

  • We used 4 different wheat malts – red wheat, white wheat, torrified wheat, and cara wheat.
  • We used a plethora of Nugget and Comet hops that make for a super juicy beer with a smooth bitterness
  • It clocks in at 8.2% ABV, and drinks much lighter
  • It’s delicious.

We only made a small batch, so we expect it to go fast. We’ll be tapping it tomorrow at 2 pm in the taproom, and it will also be available to sample at the St. Paul Summer Beerfest!