December 17, 2019

Houston, We Have a Problem

“Come in, Space Cadet. Over.” 

“Yes, what is it Houston? Over.”

“Yeah, umm, we’re getting some unidentified objects on the radar. Can you identify? Over.”

“Yeah. It looks like we’ve got a new batch of Space Junk coming out. Looks like it’ll hit orbit on Saturday, December 21st. Over.”

“Roger that, Space Cadet. Over.”

Space Junk (Simcoe, Strata, Mosaic + Cream IPA) is making it’s return this weekend. It’s an orbiting mix of fluffy oats, soft wheat malt & creamy milk sugar, double dry-hopped with our fruity Simcoe, sticky Strata and drippy Mosaic. Shooting from orbit with a chill 6% ABV to keep you from burning as you enter the earth’s atmosphere. Tapping this weekend with a limited number of crowlers ready to help you space out during your family gatherings!