March 6, 2018

Our Pineapple Milkshake is now in cans!

Introducing: Shook Pineapple!


Shook Pineapple Milkshake IPA is debuting in select liquor stores and select tap accounts on Wednesday, March 7th.  It’s a soft, hazy IPA brewed with milk sugar, vanilla bean, tons of real pineapple, and tons of Denali hops.


You can find it at these stores:


South Lyndale Liquors Lake Wine and Spirits Heritage Liquor
France 44 Vinifera W/S Kowalskis Uptown
Elevated BWS 1010 Liquors Shorewood Liquor
Surdyks Hennepin Lake Liquor Hums Liquor
Top Ten Liquors SLP Scotts Liquor Ken and Norms
Stinson WBS Sentryz Top Ten Liquor Woodbury
Ale Jail Haskells Chan-8 Ombibulous
Zipps Elevated WBL EP Liquor – Den Rd
Central Avenue Liquors Thomas Liquors MGM Woodbury
Franklin-Nicollet Liquor MGM Chaska
Princetons Liquor Tonka Bottle Shop
Liquor Barrel GV First Grand Liquor Lowry Hill Liquors
McDonalds Liquor and Wine Top Valu 1–Central Ave Edina Liquor 50thFrance
MGM Eagan Byerlys Minneapolis EP Liquor 78th St
Bacchus W/S Liquor Boy
Princetons Liquor Marshall Liquor Apple Valley Liquor 3
Liquor Barrel GV Edina Liquor Southdale Blue Max
McDonalds Liquor and Wine MGM Eagan Lakeville Liquors 4 Kenrich
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