We Bottled Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned

Barrel Aged Wheated Bourbon Brewed Spirit



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Back in 2019, we introduced an entirely new and original category of beer by pushing the limits of what beer can be, Brewed Spirits. 

Brewed Spirit:
A beer inspired by and brewed as a spirit & then fermented as a beer, served neat or in a cocktail.

Now in 2024 we’re tapping into our reserves and rereleasing Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned in limited quantities of bottles for the first time.

Reintroducing Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned, a Brewed Spirit with a wheated bourbon mash of corn, malted wheat & malted barley, fermented to 22% ABV aged in 18yr bourbon barrels for 26 months, served as an Old Fashioned & garnished with fresh orange peel & a premium maraschino cherry.

500 mL bottles of Modist Brewing Co. Old Fashioned will be available online at 10 AM CST on Saturday, February 17 for $44 & will be on draft at noon the same day. Limit 2 bottles per person.