Unstoppable Green Tide

Brett IPA



Available to go


Down to your last few rounds, your shouts of “For the Emperor!” become hoarse. The metallic smell of blood is overwhelmed by the stench of gasoline. The thunderous roar of your bolter is drowned out by innumerable shouts of “KRUMP DA HOOMIE!”.  You’re caught in a whirlwind of green muscle and mayhem. It doesn’t matter how many you take down more and more big green globs of belligerence incarnate are swarming you with their ramshackle weaponry. You can’t stop the WAAAGH! You can’t stop the Unstoppable Green Tide.

Introducing Unstoppable Green Tide, a West Coast IPA aged in wine barrels with Brettanomyces for 6 months. Dry hopped with Idaho 7 Cryo & bottle conditioned.

Unstoppable Green Tide will be available in the taproom in 750 mL bottles for on-site consumption and to go on Saturday, March 16.

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