U Too Can

Tropical Fruited Sour



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Between broken fingers, spilt coffee, snapped pencils, negative Tinder matches, and Tiger King season 2, we’ve all been through some shit, but if Toucan can make it through, U Too Can.

Introducing U Too Can, our Tropical Sour brewed with wheat, barley and oat malt. Then conditioned on a blend of passion fruit, strawberry, banana and pink guava! Don’t stress, with 6.4% ABV you’ll be nice and relaxed.

U Too Can will be released in the taproom on Friday, November 12 and will begin to make its way to liquor stores on Tuesday, November 16th. Check back here on 11/16 for the local delivery schedule.

Liquor StoreDelivery Day
Apple Valley Liquor 1Tuesday
Apple Valley Liquor 3Tuesday
Edina Liquor 50thFranceTuesday
Edina Liquor GrandviewTuesday
Edina Liquor SouthdaleTuesday
EP 2 Liquor Den RoadTuesday
France 44Tuesday
Hy Vee ShakopeeTuesday
Lakeville Liquors 4Tuesday
Marketplace LiquorTuesday
Merwin’s BloomingtonTuesday
MGM ChaskaTuesday
MGM WaconiaTuesday
Richfield Liquor CedarTuesday
Savage Wine and SpiritsTuesday
Top 10 ChanhassenTuesday
Viking Liquor BarrelTuesday
Harbor Wine & SpiritsWednesday
Hy Vee Brooklyn ParkWednesday
Hy Vee New HopeWednesday
Lakeridge Wine GVWednesday
Liquor Barrel GVWednesday
Liquor BoyWednesday
MGM PlymouthWednesday
MGM St. Louis ParkWednesday
Princeton’s LiquorWednesday
Shorewood LiquorWednesday
Tonka Bottle ShopWednesday
Top 10 BlaineWednesday
Cork DorkThursday
Elevated MinneapolisThursday
Hums LiquorThursday
Jack’s Bottle ShopThursday
Kowalski’s UptownThursday
Lake Wine and SpiritsThursday
Lowry Hill LiquorsThursday
Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis ParkThursday
MGM Bde Maka SkaThursday
South Lyndale LiquorsThursday
Top 10 St Louis ParkThursday
Ale JailFriday
Thomas LiquorsFriday
Total Wine-Bloomington23-Nov
Total Wine-Burnsville23-Nov
Total Wine-Chanhassen23-Nov
Total Wine-Maple Grove24-Nov
Total Wine-Minnetonka24-Nov
Total Wine-Eagan26-Nov
Total Wine-Roseville26-Nov
Total Wine-Woodbury26-Nov
New England AreaTBD