Top Dead Center

West Coast IPA



Available to go


Did you know that engines, in order to create power/momentum, use mini controlled explosions? The pistons (not the basketball team) are moved by those mini explosions causing the engine to turn. When the piston hits Top Dead Center, that’s when the explosion happens. Wow, an explosion of learning. Thoughts?

Introducing Top Dead Center, a West Coast IPA brewed with pale ale malt, Vienna malt and malted wheat then kettle hopped and dry hopped with our hand-selected Mosaic, Sultana & El Dorado. This explosion of flavor is soothed with an explosion of 6% ABV. Explosion. The beer, most likely, won’t explode.

Top Dead Center will be released in the taproom on Saturday, July 10th and will begin to make its way to liquor stores beginning on Tuesday, July 13th. Check back here on the 13th for the local delivery schedule.