TINT Mango Passion Fruit

Mango Passionfruit THC Seltzer


5 mg

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As one of TV’s greatest characters, Mike Ehrmantraut said “No more three-fifths measures”. Ok, he said half not three-fifths but we couldn’t find any quotes about three-fifths so we had to goose it up a bit. Anyways if you want a recommendation for a 10-year-old TV show check out Breaking Bad and if you want a recommendation for a THC seltzer that we pumped up from 3 mg to 5 mg Mango Passion Fruit TINT is back and bigger than ever.

Reintroducing TINT Mango Passion Fruit, an infused sparkling water with mango, passion fruit, and 5 mg of Delta 9 THC derived from Minnesota-grown hemp per can.

Mango Passion Fruit TINT will be back in the taproom starting Saturday, September 23, and will start making its way into stores on Tuesday, September 26.