Thank You For Waiting, Just You Wait is Returning

Oak-Aged Pilsner



Available to go


Things that are worth waiting for: the food at Sea Salt Eatery, the gas line at Costco, a new NCAA Football game (finally!), and of course Oak-Aged Pilsners. The great news is that we do most of the waiting for you.

Reintroducing Just You Wait, an Oak-Aged Pilsner with German Barke pilsner malt, hopped with Australian Galaxy & aged in our oak foeders.

Just you wait, Just You Wait will be on tap Saturday, May 18, and in stores starting Tuesday, May 21.

May 21France 44
May 21Savage Wine and Spirits
May 21Total Wine-Bloomington
May 21Total Wine-Burnsville
May 21Total Wine-Chanhassen
May 22Delano
May 22Fridley Liquor 57th
May 22MGM Hopkins
May 22Total Wine-Minnetonka
May 22Vinifera
May 23Hums Liquor
May 23Zipps