Something For Me




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Most beers we make are brewed for you, the people. Sometimes though, the brewer says “I’m going to brew Something For Me”. And that’s what our brewer Erik did for his first recipe designed for Modist. 

Erik says he picked a saison for his first Modist recipe because “Two reasons: Saisons are probably my favorite style. They’re defined very broadly and are open to using a lot of different, expressive components and techniques so it’s a very fun process from the start of recipe design to the bottom of the glass. Reason two: I’m starting a tiny mixed culture program here and this is where I wanted to start.” You read that right, stay tuned for some mixed-culture beers. Erik used Saison Dupont and a grisette he made for his wedding at a previous job for inspiration on this beer, and his favorite sharks are Street Sharks.

Introducing Something For Me, our Saison Brewed with Bohemian Pilsner malt, Red Wheat Malt, Spelt Malt, Triticale Flakes, and hopped with Hallertauer Hersbrucker and Bravo. Then fermented with a hybrid blend of saison yeasts. Prickly carbonation, creamy mouth feel, dry and a little tart finish. Light aromas of black pepper, orange zest, clove, light bubblegum, and a touch of hay flavors of lemon pepper, banana, fennel, vanilla, wintergreen/spearmint

Something For Me is available in the taproom now for a limited time, nerds.

Have you had it?