S’more Mallow

Campfire S'mores Lager



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Hey, you want a S’more Mallow?

Some more Mallow?

No, do you want a S’more Mallow?

I haven’t had any Mallow yet… so how can I have some more Mallow?

You’re killing me, Smalls! These are S’more Mallows. Okay, pay attention. First you take Mallow. You stick the cocoa nibs in the beer. Then, you add the garahm. When the graham’s in, you stick in a touch of smoked malt. Then you cover it in a can with a skull on the label. Then, you chug.

Introducing S’more Mallow, a Campfire S’mores Lager brewed with Premium Pilsner malt, Barke Pilsner malt, a smidge of smoked wheat malt, milk sugar, marshmallows, Ghana cocoa nibs, graham crackers and Madagascar vanilla beans. This cozy treat is a gooey 5.2%.

S’more Mallow will be released in the taproom TOMORROW, September 7th, and will begin to make its way to liquor stores later today, Tuesday, September 7th. Check back later for the local delivery schedule.

Liquor StoreDelivery Day
Apple Valley Liquor 1Tuesday
Apple Valley Liquor 2Tuesday
Apple Valley Liquor 3Tuesday
Blue Max LiquorsTuesday
Cheers BloomingtonTuesday
Edina Liquor 50thFranceTuesday
Edina Liquor GrandviewTuesday
Edina Liquor SouthdaleTuesday
EP 1 Liquor 78th StreetTuesday
EP 2 Liquor Den RoadTuesday
EP 3 Liquor PC DriveTuesday
Hy Vee ShakopeeTuesday
Lakeville Liquors 1Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 3tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 4Tuesday
Marketplace LiquorTuesday
MGM Bloomington Old ShakopeeTuesday
Richfield Liquor 65thTuesday
Richfield Liquor 77thTuesday
Savage Wine and SpiritsTuesday
Top 10 ChanhassenTuesday
Total Wine-BloomingtonTuesday
Total Wine-BurnsvilleTuesday
Total Wine-ChanhassenTuesday
Ace SpiritsWednesday
Harbor Wine & SpiritsWednesday
Hi 5 LiquorWednesday
Hy Vee Brooklyn ParkWednesday
Hy Vee Maple GroveWednesday
Hy Vee New HopeWednesday
Liquor Barrel GVWednesday
Liquor BoyWednesday
Lunds & Byerly’s Golden ValleyWednesday
MGM HopkinsWednesday
MGM St. Louis ParkWednesday
Princetons LiquorWednesday
Shorewood LiquorWednesday
Tonka Bottle ShopWednesday
Top 10 AndoverWednesday
Top 10 BlaineWednesday
Total Wine-Maple GroveWednesday
Total Wine-MinnetonkaWednesday
Cork DorkThursday
Elevated MinneapolisThursday
Falls LiquorThursday
France 44Thursday
Franklin-Nicollet Liquor StoreThursday
Hums LiquorThursday
Kowalskis UptownThursday
Lake Wine and SpiritsThursday
Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis ParkThursday
MGM Bde Maka SkaThursday
South Lyndale LiquorsThursday
Top 10 St Louis ParkThursday
Ale JailFriday
Burger dive RosevilleFriday
First Grand Avenue Liquor StoreFriday
Haskell’s Big Cheese Deli St PaulFriday
Hy Vee EaganFriday
Jack’s Bottle ShopFriday
Kowalskis St PaulFriday
Liquor Barrel St PaulFriday
Mad cow EaganFriday
Scotts LiquorFriday
Top 10 RosemountFriday
Total Wine-EaganFriday
Total Wine-RosevilleFriday
Total Wine-WoodburyFriday
Greater MinnesotaTBD