Sacred Night

Barrel Aged Imperial Molé Stout



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From the deep depths of the hollowed out caverns where an ancient Ritual Night conjures the gods’ delights, a story unfolds from ages past. Sacrifices of lush liquids lie in wait as the gods sip of their delicacies. After generations of sacrifices, once the gods are satisfied, what’s left is for the mortals of this world. A nectar so sweet, an elixir from the fires of the gods themselves is presented. All those long awaited days have come to this very moment, this Sacred Night.

Introducing Sacred Night, our Barrel Aged Imperial Molé Stout aged in Willett rye barrels for 27 months then conditioned on chocolate, Mexican vanilla beans, milk sugar, coffee, cinnamon, almonds, guajillo & chipotle chile peppers. This velvety concoction boasts a 12% ABV that’ll have the gods pleased.

Bottles of Sacred Night will be released via our online store ONLY on Saturday, November 19th at 9 am. Any bottles remaining on Tuesday, November 22 will then be able to be purchased at the taproom. It will go on tap in the taproom on Saturday, November 19th at noon.

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