Rita Petita’s Pumpkin Yeeta

Pumkin Pie Ale

Available to go


Back when we first began the Modist journey we created the Modist Makers, a group of craft beer enthusiasts that wanted to help us get started. Well, part of the perks of being a part of the top tier Modist Makers was being able to help brew your very own beer. The first one, Misunderstood Genius, was brewed a while back with Modist Maker Beau (sup, Beau). On Saturday we’re releasing the second of the series with Modist Maker Rita!

Introducing Rita Petita’s Pumpkin Yeeta, a Pumpkin Pie Ale. This Pumpkin Ale was brewed with 2 row barley, Munich II, T-50 caramel malt. Then we yeeted pumpkin puree, brown sugar & milk sugar into it and conditioned it on toasted pecans, cinnamon and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

Rita’s beer will be making its debut in the taproom on Saturday.