Rainbow Rush

THC Seltzer


10 mg delta 9 THC

Available to go


Be like Mario getting a Super Star and go on a Rainbow Rush with us and Granny’s Edibles. We teamed up with Granny’s Edibles to make a refreshing, relaxing rainbow THC beverage.

Introducing Rainbow Rush, our first ️‍⚧️ ️‍ Pride THC beverage ️‍ ️‍⚧️. Rainbow Rush is an infused sparkling water, fresh tangerine, raspberry, lemon & Minnesota grown hemp derived delta 9 THC. 10 mg per can.

Rainbow Rush will be available in cans for on site consumption and to go starting Saturday, May 27 and will be going out to select retail locations starting Tuesday, May 30.

May 30France 44
May 31Haskell’s Maple Grove
May 31Liquor Barrel GV
May 31Liquor Boy
May 31Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis Park
May 31MGM Hopkins
May 31MGM Waconia
May 31Up North Liquor
May 31Vinifera
May 31Westside Wines & Spirits
June 11010 Washington Wine & Spirits
June 1Benchpressed
June 1CBD Health and Wellness
June 1Central Ave Liquors
June 1Clocktower Liquors
June 1Dabbler Depot Uptown
June 1Elevated Minneapolis
June 1Hennepin Lake Liquor
June 1Highnorth Dispensary Uptown
June 1Hums Liquor
June 1Lake Wine and Spirits
June 1Legacy Glassworks
June 1Marigold
June 1Millstagrams
June 1North Loop Wine & Spirits
June 1Ombibulous
June 1Robbinsdale Wine and Spirits
June 1Simply Crafted CBD
June 1Stinson
June 1Surdyks
June 1Top Valu 2 37th Ave
June 1Urban Liquor
June 2First Grand Avenue Liquor Store
June 2Haskell’s Big Cheese Deli St Paul
June 2Highnorth Dispensary
June 2Lakeridge Wine VH
June 2Liquor Barrel Mahtomedi
June 2Liquor Village
June 2Mac’s Liquor
June 2Mendota Liquor
June 2Vapour + Dispensary
June 2Winestreet Spirits
June 5Healing Harvest