MELT Calamansi Tangerine Returns

Calamansi Tangerine THC Seltzer


10 mg

Available to go


Sometimes you just need to play the hits. Because they hit so hard. Which is why they’re called hits. So here’s a hit that hit so hard we forgot who we were for a second.

Reintroducing MELT Calamansi Tangerine, an infused sparkling water with calamansi, tangerine &  Minnesota-grown hemp-derived Delta 9.

 MELT Calamansi Tangerine will be available on Saturday, April 13, and will be going to stores on Tuesday, April 16.

April 16Blue Max Liquors
April 16France 44
April 17Jack’s Bottle Shop
April 17Liquor Barrel GV
April 17Lunds & Byerly’s Golden Valley
April 17MGM Plymouth
April 17Princeton’s Liquor
April 181010 Washington Wine & Spirits
April 18CBD Health and Wellness
April 18Central Ave Liquors
April 18Elevated Minneapolis
April 18Lunds & Byerly’s Downtown
April 18North Loop Wine & Spirits
April 18Ombibulous
April 18Robbinsdale Wine and Spirits
April 18Sentyrz
April 18South Lyndale Liquors
April 18Stinson
April 18Surdyks
April 18Urban Liquor
April 19Elevated White Bear Lake
April 19Hums Liquor
April 19Liquor Barrel Mahtomedi
April 19Midway Liquor
April 19Morellis
April 19Rite Liquor Sungal Inc
April 19Strains of the Earth
April 19The Little Wine Shoppe
April 19Toasted Wine and Spirits
April 19Vapour + Dispensary
April 19Village Liquor – Prior Lake
April 19Winestreet Spirits
April 22MGM – Mankato
April 22Super One Liquor – Duluth
April 23Apple Valley Liquor 1
April 23EP 2 Liquor Den Road
April 23France 44
April 24Harbor Wine & Spirits
April 24Haskell’s Maple Grove
April 25Richfield Liquor Penn