Mallow Noir

Double Marshmallow & Vanilla Dark Lager



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[Opening scene: A dimly lit, smoky speakeasy with a jazz trio playing in the background. The camera slowly pans across the room, revealing a mysterious figure sitting alone at the bar with a pour of dark beer, bathed in the soft glow of a single spotlight.]

In the heart of the North Loop, where shadows run deep and secrets are buried, a beer was born that dared to defy the darkness. Mallow Noir, a dark lager like no other. This lager, as dark as midnight, conceals a secret ingredient that will take your taste buds on a journey through the night, marshmallows.

[The mysterious figure finishes their glass of Mallow Noir with a sigh of satisfaction, and starts to put on their coat and fedora before sitting back down and asking the barkeep for another.]

Introducing Mallow Noir, a Dark Lager w/ pilsner malt, midnight wheat, marshmallows, Madagascar vanilla beans & milk sugar.

Mallow Noir will be available in the taproom starting Saturday, November 11, and going out to stores starting Tuesday, November 14.

November 13Andy’s Liquor – Crossroads
November 13Andy’s Liquor – Marketplace
November 13Andy’s Liquor – Northwest
November 13Hy Vee – Mankato
November 13MGM – Mankato
November 13MGM – Saint Peter
November 13Mount Royal Bottle Shop/Beer Cave
November 13Super One Liquor – Duluth
November 14Apple Valley Liquor 1
November 14Blue Max Liquors
November 14Edina Liquor Grandview
November 14France 44
November 14Hi 5 Liquor
November 14Jack’s Bottle Shop
November 14Lakeville Liquor Keokuk
November 14Lakeville Liquors Galaxie
November 14Lakeville Liquors Kenrick
November 14MGM Bloomington 98th
November 14Rosemount Liquor
November 15Harbor Wine & Spirits
November 15Hy Vee New Hope
November 15Hy Vee Plymouth
November 15Lexington Municipal Liquor
November 15Liquor Barrel GV
November 15Liquor Boy
November 15Merwins Plymouth
November 15MGM Hopkins
November 15Tonka Bottle Shop
November 15Top 10 Osseo
November 15Up North Liquor
November 15Vinifera
November 161010 Washington Wine & Spirits
November 16Elevated Minneapolis
November 16Hums Liquor
November 16Kowalskis Uptown
November 16North Loop Wine & Spirits
November 16Ombibulous
November 16Robbinsdale Wine and Spirits
November 16SAV Wine and Spirits 1
November 16SAV Wine and Spirits 2
November 16South Lyndale Liquors
November 16Stinson
November 16Surdyks
November 16Top Valu 2 37th Ave
November 16Urban Liquor
November 16Zipps
November 17Cellars Wines & Spirits – Stillwater
November 17Dabbler Depot
November 17Elevated White Bear Lake
November 17Haskell’s Downtown
November 17Hy Vee Oakdale
November 17Jerry’s Wine and Spirits
November 17Merwins Falcon Heights
November 17MGM Roseville
November 17MGM St. Paul White Bear Ave
November 17Morellis
November 17O’briens Wine + Spirits
November 17Scotts Liquor