Limited Edition MELT Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Vanilla THC Seltzer


10 mg

Available to go


You didn’t think we would stop at 1 Limited Edition MELT, did you? Of course, we wouldn’t. With a Pokémon obsessed Flavor Overlord, we had to make a collect ‘em all version of THC seltzers. The next one in the dex is Cherry Vanilla.

Introducing Cherry Vanilla MELT, an infused sparkling water w/ cherry, vanilla bean, brown sugar, cinnamon & Minnesota grown hemp-derived Delta 9.

Cherry Vanilla MELT will be available in the taproom starting Saturday, November 11, and going out to stores starting Tuesday, November 14.

November 14Apple Valley Liquor 1
November 14Blue Max Liquors
November 14Edina Liquor 50thFrance
November 14Edina Liquor Southdale
November 14EP 1 Liquor 78th Street
November 14France 44
November 14Lakeville Liquor Keokuk
November 14Lakeville Liquors Galaxie
November 14Lakeville Liquors Kenrick
November 14MGM Chanhassen
November 14Rosemount Liquor
November 15Liquor Barrel GV
November 15Lunds & Byerly’s Plymouth
November 15MGM Hopkins
November 15MGM Plymouth
November 15Paul’s Wine and Spirits
November 15Princeton’s Liquor
November 15Vinifera
November 161010 Washington Wine & Spirits
November 16CBD Health and Wellness
November 16Central Ave Liquors
November 16Elevated Minneapolis
November 16Hums Liquor
November 16Legacy Glassworks
November 16Lucky Strains
November 16Lunds & Byerly’s Downtown
November 16North Loop Wine & Spirits
November 16Ombibulous
November 16Robbinsdale Wine and Spirits
November 16SAV Wine and Spirits 1
November 16SAV Wine and Spirits 2
November 16Sentyrz
November 16South Lyndale Liquors
November 16Stinson
November 16Surdyks
November 16Top Valu 2 37th Ave
November 16Urban Liquor
November 17Cellars Wines & Spirits – Stillwater
November 17Dabbler Depot Coffee Shop
November 17Elevated White Bear Lake
November 17Haskell’s Downtown
November 17Jim’s Liquor
November 17MGM Roseville
November 17MGM St. Paul White Bear Ave
November 17Midway Liquor
November 17O’briens Wine + Spirits
November 17Sharretts Liquors
November 17Vapour + Dispensary
November 17Winestreet Spirits