Illbrewminati Vol. 3

Oak-Aged Crimson Helles Lager



Available to go


Burial x Modist x Trve

This isn’t the return of Illbrewminati because Illbrewminati doesn’t exist. But if it did, it would be a tri collab between us and some really cool modern lagerers, like maybe Burial Beer Co and TRVE Brewing, but it’s not .

Not introducing Illbrewminati Vol. 3. It’s not a Crimson Helles lager brewed with red x malt, red crystal rye malt and a touch of Sugar Creek Stjørdal Nordic Alder wood smoked barley malt. Hopped with our hand-selected Hallertau Mittelfruh and Sultana. Then lagered and aged in our oak foeders. 4.8% ABV

If it were real (again, it’s not) Illbrewminati Vol. 3 would be available on tap and to go Saturday, April 22 and would start going out to liquor stores starting Tuesday, April 25. Check back here starting Tuesday, April 25 for the local delivery schedule that we would do if this beer existed.

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