Identically Different

New England IPA



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Identical Twins, the wall of Buzz Lightyears, someone driving by in the same make/model of your car, mass produced art, and this IPA and this other IPA. What do they all have in common? They’re all IDENTICALLY DIFFERENT.

Introducing IDENTICALLY DIFFERENT, our FIRST EVER Gluten Reduced New England IPA* (44.36ppm gluten levels) brewed with Grouse Malt House Millet Pale Malt and organic rolled oats then hopped & double dry hopped with our hand selected Citra, Cryo El Dorado and Sabro. At 6% ABV, you might be seeing Identically Different in no time.

IDENTICALLY DIFFERENT will be released in the taproom on Saturday, August 21st.

*Identically Different was lab tested for gluten levels by The Lab. In order to be labeled “Gluten Free” by the FDA it must contain, at most, 20ppm gluten. Identically Different has 44.36ppm gluten, therefore is labeled “Gluten Reduced”. This is because it uses shared equipment throughout the brewing process with wheat, rye & barley.