Honeycomb Catacomb

Honey Double Porter



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Deep deep deep in the lesser known world of bee hives lives a hidden chamber which, until now, has been unknown by the outside world. Catacombs filled with artifacts, scrolls, effigies & strangely tiny bear skulls. Within the walls of the Honeycomb Catacomb lives a world to discover.

Introducing Honeycomb Catacomb, our Honey Double Porter brewed with pale ale, golden promise, crystal & chocolate malts. Dosed with MN Wild flower honey and conditioned on Ghana Cocoa Nibs. Rich, in taste, body & 8.4% ABV.

Honeycomb Catacomb will be released in the taproom on Saturday, February 5th and will begin to make its way to liquor stores on Tuesday, February 8th. Check back here on the 8th for the local delivery schedule.

The hidden archive that became this cool label was created by the talented Maxwell James.

Liquor StoreDelivery Day
Apple Valley Liquor 1Tuesday
Apple Valley Liquor 3Tuesday
Blue Max LiquorsTuesday
Cheers BloomingtonTuesday
Edina Liquor 50thFranceTuesday
Edina Liquor GrandviewTuesday
Edina Liquor SouthdaleTuesday
EP 2 Liquor Den RoadTuesday
France 44Tuesday
Lakeville Liquor KeokukTuesday
Lakeville Liquors 1Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 3Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 4Tuesday
Lunds & Byerly’s BurnsvilleTuesday
MGM Bloomington 98thTuesday
MGM Prior LakeTuesday
Red Lion LiquorsTuesday
Richfield Liquor 65thTuesday
Richfield Liquor 77thTuesday
Richfield Liquor PennTuesday
Savage Wine and SpiritsTuesday
Top 10 ChanhassenTuesday
Viking Liquor BarrelTuesday
G Will Liquors AndoverWednesday
G Will Liquors BPWednesday
Haskell’s Maple GroveWednesday
Hy Vee Maple GroveWednesday
Hy Vee New HopeWednesday
Lakeridge Wine GVWednesday
Liquor BarnWednesday
Liquor Barrel GVWednesday
Liquor BoyWednesday
MGM Maple GroveWednesday
MGM SLPWednesday
Princeton’s LiquorWednesday
Shorewood LiquorWednesday
Up North LiquorWednesday
Elevated MinneapolisThursday
Falls LiquorThursday
Hums LiquorThursday
Jack’s Bottle ShopThursday
Kowalski’s UptownThursday
Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis ParkThursday
MGM Bde Maka SkaThursday
South Lyndale LiquorsThursday
Top 10 St Louis ParkThursday
First Grand Avenue Liquor StoreFriday
Haskell’s Big Cheese Deli St PaulFriday
Mendota LiquorFriday
Perrier GrandFriday