Hello, My Pronouns Are

Fruited Berliner Weisse



Available to go


Tired of people asking what your pronouns are while you’re in the middle of slamming chicky nuggz? Fret no more. This beer’s prismatic label has a sticker you can peel off, write in your pronouns, and stick on your person to let people know what your pronouns are without you needing to pause chicky nuggz slamming.

Introducing Hello, My Pronouns Are a Berliner Weisse brewed with malted barley, malted wheat, tangerines, peaches, lime juice, Madagascar vanilla beans and toasted coconut.

Hello, My Pronouns Are will be released in the taproom this Saturday, June 3 at the taproom and will start going out to liquor stores Tuesday, June 6. Check back here for the full delivery schedule.

June 6Blue Max Liquors
June 7Hy Vee Brooklyn Park
June 7Hy Vee Maple Grove
June 7Hy Vee New Hope
June 7Hy Vee Plymouth
June 7Liquor Barrel GV
June 7Lunds & Byerly’s Plymouth
June 7Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis Park
June 7MGM Waconia
June 7Savage Wine and Spirits
June 7Vinifera
June 81010 Washington Wine & Spirits
June 8Elevated Minneapolis
June 8Fridley Liquor 57th
June 8Haskell’s Downtown
June 8Lake Wine and Spirits
June 8Lunds & Byerly’s Downtown
June 8North Loop Wine & Spirits
June 8Ombibulous
June 8South Lyndale Liquors
June 8Stinson
June 8Urban Liquor
June 8Zipps
June 9Ale Jail
June 9Chet’s Liquor Drive In
June 9Kowalskis St Paul
June 9Liquor Barrel St Paul