Granny Smith

Tart Apple THC Seltzer


10 mg

Available to go


Some ideas are too obvious not to do; selling beer at a baseball game, pairing peanut butter with jelly, doing a Granny Smith apple-themed collab with Granny’s. It’s just served on a silver platter to us so we just had to do it.

Introducing Granny Smith, an infused sparkling water, green apple puree, apple juice & 10 mg Minnesota grown hemp derived Delta 9 per can.

Granny Smith will be available in the taproom on Saturday, October 21, and will start going out to stores on Tuesday, October 24.

October 23Speedy Greens
October 24Blue Max Liquors
October 24EP 1 Liquor 78th Street
October 24EP 3 Liquor PC Drive
October 24France 44
October 24Lakeville Liquors Galaxie
October 24Lakeville Liquors Heritage
October 24Lakeville Liquors Kenrick
October 24MGM Chanhassen
October 24Viking Liquor Barrel
October 2599 Bottles
October 25Bridgeview Liquor
October 25Clocktower Liquors
October 25Delano
October 25Harbor Wine & Spirits
October 25Hums Liquor
October 25Liquor Barrel GV
October 25Lowry Hill Liquors
October 25Princetons Liquor
October 25Surdyks
October 25Up North Liquor
October 261010 Washington Wine & Spirits
October 26CBD Health and Wellness
October 26Central Ave Liquors
October 26Elevated Minneapolis
October 26Haskell’s Downtown
October 26Jack’s Hardware and Farm Supply
October 26Legacy Glassworks
October 26Lunds & Byerly’s St Louis Park
October 26North Loop Wine & Spirits
October 26Ombibulous
October 26Sentyrz
October 26Stinson
October 26Top Valu 2 37th Ave
October 26Urban Liquor
October 27Chet’s Liquor Drive In
October 27Dabbler Depot
October 27Elevated White Bear Lake
October 27Haskell’s White Bear Lake
October 27Lakeridge Wine VH
October 27Liquor Barrel Mahtomedi
October 27Liquor Barrel St Paul
October 27MGM Roseville
October 27Midway Liquor
October 27Rite Liquor Sungal Inc
October 27Toasted Wine and Spirits
November 1Haskell’s Maple Grove
November 1Shorewood Liquor
November 2Simply Crafted CBD