Foeder 44 The Foeder Strikes Back

DDH Oak-Aged Pilsner



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We were reminiscing with our bestest best friends over at France 44 about that time we made an Oak-Aged Pilsner just for them. We talked about how much we love Oak-Aged Pilsners, they talked about how much they love Oak-Aged Pilsners and then they came up with a genius idea. Let’s do it again! So we did.

Introducing Foeder 44 The Foeder Strikes Back, a Pilsner with pilsner malt, wheat malt, double dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, HBC 586 & Citra Cryo, aged in our oak foeders.

Foeder 44 The Foeder Strikes Back will arrive at France 44 later this week and will be available in the taproom on Saturday, April 27. Stay tuned to France 44’s Instagram or sign up for their email newsletter to see when Foeder 44 arrives.