Divided Reflections

DDH New England Double IPA



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There’s at least two sides to every person. When you look at your reflection, who do you see? Do you see yourself and all of the astonishing things you’ve done, surrounded by folks who supported you, or do you see yourself drinking our new Double IPA? We’ve all got Divided Reflections, don’t you want one of them to taste good?

Introducing Divided Reflections, a New England Double IPA brewed with 2 row barley, malted wheat, malted oats, and flaked oats then hopped and double dry hopped with our hand selected Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, Sabro, Cryo Citra and Cryo Mosaic. See yourselves in the 8.2% ABV.

Divided Reflections will debut in the taproom Saturday, September 17 and brighten up liquor store shelves starting Tuesday, September 20. Check back Tuesday for the local delivery schedule.

Shout out to the ever-talented Lora Hlavsa for the killer design of this label.

Have you tried it?

Liquor StoreDelivery Day
Apple Valley Liquor 3Tuesday
Cub Liquor ShakopeeTuesday
Edina Liquor 50thFranceTuesday
Edina Liquor GrandviewTuesday
Edina Liquor SouthdaleTuesday
EP 3 Liquor PC DriveTuesday
France 44Tuesday
Lakeville Liquor KeokukTuesday
Lakeville Liquors 1Tuesday
Lakeville Liquors 4Tuesday
Merwins BloomingtonTuesday
MGM ChaskaTuesday
The Vintage – Wine, Spirits & BeerTuesday
Top 10 ChanhassenTuesday
Viking Liquor BarrelTuesday
G Will Liquors AndoverWednesday
Hy Vee Brooklyn ParkWednesday
Hy Vee New HopeWednesday
Liquor Barrel GVWednesday
Liquor BoyWednesday
Lunds & Byerly’s RigedaleWednesday
Princetons LiquorWednesday
Top 10 OsseoWednesday
Falls LiquorThursday
Jack’s Bottle ShopThursday
Dabbler DepotFriday
The NetherlandsTBD