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Why only HORMEL® Chili Cheese Dip when you could HORMEL® Chili Cheese Sip too???

Yep. We did it. We gone and put cheese and HORMEL® Chili spices into a lager and… it’s actually pretty .

When the folks at the makers of HORMEL® Chili reached out to us, our first thought was “Are we getting a C&D? For what?” but once we actually opened up the email and saw that they wanted to create an unexpected sip inspired by everybody’s favorite dip, HORMEL® Chili Cheese Dip, we were like “sure.” And then we did.

So now it’s here and it’s about to get weird. This surprisingly tasty treat is ready for your “Big Game” watching experience BEGINNING TODAY (Jan. 24). If you’re local, the Modist x HORMEL® Chili Cheese Brew can be purchased via our online store NOW for $12 per 4-pack (limit 2). So throw it in your cart (our online store does NOT offer cart protection) and your very own 4-pack of the dip turned sip will be waiting for you as soon as our taproom opens at 4 pm. Cans will also be available to drink in the taproom if you just can’t wait.

Not local? Snatch some four-packs at  while supplies last. The party friendly four-packs are available for $24 ($12 +shipping & handling), which includes shipping and handling. HORMEL® Chili Cheese Brew will ship in time for fans to enjoy when watching the Big Game on Feb. 12.

How can beer taste like chili cheese dip? Well, let me tell you, this crushable American lager features Minnesota Pilsner barley malt and flaked corn. With this delicious corn chip flavored base, we concocted a mix of savory spices and hints of cheddar cheese powder to bring the flavors of HORMEL® Chili Cheese Dip to life. To learn more about the HORMEL® Chili Cheese Brew, watch the video here.


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