Canne Pomme Poire

Cranberry Apple Pear THC Seltzer


10mg (2 x 5mg Servings)

Available to go


Introducing Cranberry Apple Pear. No wait, that doesn’t sound fancy enough. Do you know what always sounds fancy? French. French always sounds fancy, it’s a foolproof strategy.

Modist x No Coast Cannabis
Introducing Canne Pomme Poire an infused sparkling water collab made with No Coast Cannabis with cranberry, apple, pear, cardamom & 10 mg of Delta 9 THC derived from Minnesota-grown hemp per can.

Canne Pomme Poire will arrive in the taproom this Saturday, September 16, and will go out to stores starting Tuesday, September 19.

September 18Hemp House
September 19France 44
September 19Lakeville Liquor Keokuk
September 19Lakeville Liquors Galaxie
September 19Rosemount Liquor
September 20Liquor Barrel GV
September 20Liquor Boy
September 20Princetons Liquor
September 20Vinifera
September 21Apple Valley Liquor 3
September 21Elevated Minneapolis
September 21Hums Liquor
September 21North Loop Wine & Spirits
September 21Ombibulous
September 21Stinson
September 21Surdyks
September 21Top Valu 2 37th Ave
September 21Urban Liquor
September 22Elevated White Bear Lake
September 22Lakeridge Wine VH
September 22Liquor Barrel Mahtomedi
September 22Scotts Liquor
September 22Winestreet Spirits