Brave Noise

Pale Ale



Available to go


We have been drinking beer for over 7,000 years and fun fact: the original brewers were women. So, when did women begin to have a disadvantage in the beer industry? Ummmm… maybe when the fragile male ego started accusing women brewers of being witches to take out their competition. While we don’t burn people at the stake for witchcraft anymore, this industry is very much still male-dominated. We’ve been taking steps to create equitable spaces; it’s well deserved and long overdue. In honor of International Women’s Day, we joined hundreds of breweries across the world to brew our version of Brave Noise– a magical Pale Ale with the mission to create a safer and more inclusive industry. 

A portion of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to Brewing Change Collaborative. We hope you can join us for the launch party on Saturday, March 5th from 2-6 pm!

Pale Ale brewed with pale ale malt, malted wheat and flaked oats. Hopped and dry hopped with our hand selected mosaic, Sabro, cryo Mosaic and cryo Aabro. ABV: 5.0%.