A Modist Classic: Hefeweizen




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There are some things that many believe to be myths, like the Wolpertingers, Finland, the moon landing, Bacon Shook, and Modist calling a beer “A Modist Classic” when they’ve never made one before. But they are all totally real.

Introducing A Modist Classic: Hefeweizen, a Hefeweizen with German Pilsner malt, Spelt malt, German Hefeweizen yeast & hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. 

A Modist Classic: Hefeweizen will be available in the taproom on Saturday, June 29, and will go out to stores starting Tuesday, July 2.

July 2France 44
July 3Jack’s Bottle Shop
July 3O’briens Wine + Spirits
July 10Liquor Barrel GV
July 11North Loop Wine & Spirits
July 11Robbinsdale Wine and Spirits