4 Canna

Apple Lemon Ginger THC Seltzer


4 mg

Available to go


We teamed up with our buds (lol) over at Canna Connect for our latest THC seltzer collab. They said, “Why just THC”? And then we said, “There’s more than just THC”? So they asked if we could make a beverage with four cannabinoids and hemp-derived terpenes for the entourage effect. And then we said, “Like… Turtle and Drama?” And they said, “No, it’s the idea that an array of cannabinoids, working together with terpenes as a vehicle, creates an effect greater than the sum of its parts.” And then we were like, “OK, bet.”

Read more about it from super sciencey people here.

Introducing 4 Canna, a THC seltzer made in collaboration with Canna Connect with apple, lemon, ginger, hemp-derived terpenes & Minnesota-grown hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBG, and CBC.

4 Canna will be available Friday, April 5, and going out to stores starting Tuesday, April 9.

April 9Lakeville Liquors Galaxie
April 10Liquor Barrel GV
April 10MGM Hopkins
April 10Princetons Liquor
April 10Vinifera
April 111010 Washington Wine & Spirits
April 11Elevated Minneapolis
April 11North Loop Wine & Spirits
April 11Ombibulous
April 12Dabbler Depot Coffee Shop
April 12Haskell’s White Bear Lake
April 12Jim’s Liquor
April 12Lakeridge Wine VH
April 12Lakeville Liquor Keokuk
April 17Jack’s Bottle Shop
April 18Central Ave Liquors
April 18Sentyrz
April 18South Lyndale Liquors
April 18Stinson
April 18Top Valu 2 37th Ave
April 19Elevated White Bear Lake
April 19Winestreet Spirits
April 22Keyport Liquor Duluth
April 24Harbor Wine & Spirits
April 24MGM Plymouth
April 26O’briens Wine + Spirits