German Fatcap

German IPA



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German Fat Cap is our answer to an Oktborfest. It’s old school German beer engineering (German malts, German hops, German yeast, and even a German water profile) meets new school American IPA hopping levels and techniques. Said Head Brewer Keigan Knee in an internal Slack message:


German Fat Cap is a crisp, malty German festbier that I aggressively hopped. The bold resinous noble/spicy hop character and bitterness counterbalance the rich malt backbone to create a thick fat cap of aromatic foam for days.


It clocks in at 6.5 ABV, 82 IBU, and 11.9 SRM. We’ll be releasing it in our taproom this weekend, and it will be available for sampling at Autumn Brew Review. Thanks to Burlesque of North America for the badass logo design.