April 18, 2018

Dreamyard named as City Pages Best Beer of 2018

WHOA HOLY MOLY OMG HOORAY!!! Today the City Pages published their 2018 Best of the Twin Cities list, and there was Dreamyard, sitting atop as the winner of Best Beer!


From the City Pages:


Never has Modist’s industry-defying mash filter been better put to use than when the brew team crafted their opulent American IPA: Dreamyard. The 100 percent wheat-and-oats-malt bill makes the beer incredibly soft, which plays right in with the squishy fruit notes coming from the abundance of Citra and Denali hops. Yes, haze is overdone, and New England IPAs may soon be lost to the annals of beer history. But Dreamyard is a bona fide paradigm shifter that deserves its moment atop the hill.


Also, a big congrats to two of our partners:

You’ve probably heard of milk and honey referred to as the food of the gods. Did you know the milk they’re talking about is goat’s milk? It’s true. In Greek mythology, Zeus was nursed by a goat after his mother left him in a cave to stop his father from eating him. Luckily, we don’t have to endure any such trials to obtain that precious combination: The most delicious possible version is available all year round from a bright orange truck. The Curious Goat’s signature item, deep-fried goat cheese curds with honey dipping sauce, are alone worth trekking across town for. Beyond the curds, we’ve never been disappointed by an offering from the oft-changing, seasonal menu. A recent fish torta featured mahi mahi on soft but sturdy bread, topped with a bright, citrusy slaw that was almost enough to conjure spring weather. Curious? The Goat is now easier than ever to find, as it’s regularly parked outside Modist Brewing in the North Loop.

From fine wine to good barbecue, it’s a fact that quality and time are intertwined. The rock star roasters at Wesley Andrews get that: They perfected and sold just one blend of beans during their first year and only upped that number to two in their second. Nowhere are those thoughtfully prepared roasts better showcased than in the single-origin Kyoto Cold Brew, another testament to respecting time as an ingredient all its own—it filters through a glass tower behind the Wesley Andrews counter at the rate of roughly one drop a second. Pick up a bottle at their Whittier shop and taste it for yourself.


Also, shout out Totino’s Pizza Rolls as Best Drunk Food – word.