September 19, 2019

Dreamyard CBD Oil

Have you heard about this brand new CBD thing? Well, we love it. And we also love Dreamyard… and we also love the hops that are in Dreamyard… and we also love partnering with fellow North Loop innovators… and we also love combining things that we love. Introducing Dream Oil, an all-Minnesota CBD tincture that features a hop infusion from Dreamyard created in partnership with Stigma Hemp.


“The CBD product that we’ve created with Modist is truly the first of its kind,” said Josh Maslowski, founder of Stigma. “Collaborating with one of Minnesota’s most innovative microbreweries made this project a lot of fun and we can’t wait to share it with people who are turning to CBD for relief.”


“We’re excited to collaborate with one of our North Loop neighbors and showcase the flavor profile from our most popular beer in a completely new form,” said Erik Johnsen, Brewery Development Director at Modist Brewing. 


The Stigma/Modist Dream Oil is a hop-infused, non-alcoholic tincture that is proudly Minnesotan from top to bottom. “It was important to us that we showcase an entire supply chain of Minnesota companies,” said Maslowski. “From the growing to the production to the testing, it’s all happening in Minnesota.” Other companies involved in the making of Dream Oil include Budding Acres, Hemp Acres, and BZ Sciences.


Dream Oil will be making its debut as a 500mg 1oz. tincture on September 26th right here at the brewery and will be available for sale at both the Stigma’s showroom and here at the taproom in October.

The event is RSVP ONLY so head over to Stigma’s website to RSVP.