October 27, 2016

Our crowlers, your liquor store

Ever wanted our beer at your store? Well we have some good news! We’re steadily rolling our 750 mL big fat cans into liquor stores speckled through the metro. Our initial roll out includes these fine establishments (for an up to date list head over here):

Zipps Liqour
South Lyndale
Elevated Mpls
Elevated WBL
Stinson WBS
North loop WBS
Top 10 Liquors SLP
Top 10 Blaine
Top 10 Woodbury
Rum River (ramsey)
Ale Jail
Liqour Barrel
Rapids Liqour (Coon Rapids)
Ken and Norm’s
Minnehaha Lake Liquors

If you want our beer in your store, send us a message at info@modistbrewing.com. Cheers!