June 24, 2019

Albert II, in Memoriam

For several years space exploration was done almost exclusively with animals, mainly monkeys, chimps, and dogs. Humans were unaware of how the body would react to weightlessness for an extended period of time. Therefore, they didn’t want to risk human life with any test launches into the great unknown. They would strap the animals into rocket ships, launch them off into the atmosphere, monitor how all of it affected their bodies, and make scientific hypotheses accordingly.


On June 11th, 1948, the first monkey was catapulted up into the air in a missile-like rocket ship known as a V-2 Blossom. This monkey’s name was Albert I. That sunny day in the New Mexico dessert would go down in history, even though it was not well documented. The lack of fanfare and greater public knowledge would result in Albert I being an unsung hero to scientists and astronauts alike. Unfortunately, Albert I died during the launch and no atmospheric data about how weightlessness would affect a body was obtained.


 A little over a year later on June 14th, 1949, another V-2 Blossom was shot off into the atmosphere carrying another monkey–Albert II. He survived the initial launch and was able to soar  83 miles above the earth. This would widely be considered the first rocket to ever hit space carrying life. Albert II’s momentous ride was on track to become one of the greatest achievements in space exploration. He was about to be the key to us becoming the first country to travel into space and later walk on the moon. He survived the initial ascension, but unfortunately, he died on impact during his re-entry. We’d like to think that if he did live through that harrowing experience he, along with all his fellow scientists, would have celebrated their momentous feat with a cold beer. 


Unlike most of the Pale Ales and IPA’s you’ve come to expect from us, Albert II is on the more crisp and bitter end of the beer spectrum. This crisp creature is slightly dry with complexities that include a biscuity, malty body and notes of strawberry candy, lemon-lime, and grapefruit pith. We believe that Albert II would be a bit bitter since you probably didn’t even know who he was until you read this blog. We made this beer in remembrance of him. He made it to space, made it back, but didn’t live to see his rightful glory. Rest in peace my furry little friend, rest in peace.


Help us celebrate the life of Albert II on Saturday, June 29th as we host a release the beer in his honor. Albert II will only be available in the taproom and select tap lines throughout the metro area. 


RIP, Albert II