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Welcome back to Fruitropolis


Here at Modist we prefer to express our excitement for new beers in emojis rather than words because words is hard and emojis are fun and cute. But this week, we’re forced to wordsmith about our returning beer due to fruit emoji bias. This weekend we’re bringing back a beer packed (and we mean packed) with emojiless fruits, and pineapple.

Reintroducing Fruitropolis, an Imperial Smoothie Sour brewed with barley malt, malted wheat, milk sugar, far too much passion fruit, an unstable amount of raspberry and the perfect amount of pineapple. With a staggering (not that staggering) 8% ABV, the lack of emojis will be okay.

After you send a strongly worded email to the emoji people, this incredibly fruit-filled beer will be poured at the taproom starting Saturday, October 15.

Have you tried it?