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Gifts are hard, am I right? Especially this year. You wanna support some local creative and talented folks, but going anywhere that might be crowded is like, nah. Well, join us for our Virtual Creative Market. Starting 12/9 and every day until 12/23 we’ll feature super creative individuals or groups that have something you or a loved one might be interested in. Stay tuned to any of our socials and our website over the coming weeks and get ready to find some super cute, super unique, and super locally made gifts.

Katie Cameron from CryBaby Clay

Let’s introduce you to the incredibly talented Katie Cameron from CryBaby Clay, a Minneapolis based ceramicist. She makes clay thingies & she has a lot of feelings. She also offers clay kits for contact-free pickup & drop off so you can make clay thingies too! You place an order, pick it up in Longfellow Minneapolis, create, drop it off, she’ll handle the firing of your work, and will let you know when it’s ready for pickup!


Alexandra Motz

Alexandra is a local artist in Minneapolis. She strives to create one of a kind original paintings and artwork from her everyday surroundings. She is heavily influenced by current events and nature. She creates work that is recognizable to the mind, but uses natures natural geometry to take apart and piece back together using cubism, bright vivid colors, and textural mediums.


Leah Monson

Leah is a painter and visual merchandiser with experience in brand-focused display creation, custom art installation, and material handling. She’s currently based in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis.


Lora Hlavsa

Lora Hlavsa is a self-described “professional dabbler”. An artist, illustrator, and designer by trade, her work is informed by intersectionality and inspired by femininity in its various forms. Raised by a Filipina mother and an American father in Minnesota and California, identity has been a core focus of Lora’s work, and her bold and colorful pieces aim to convey a multidimensional world that reflects the many layers of the femme experience.


Connie Mrotek / Conrad Mumbles

Connie (aka Conrad Mumbles) is a Minneapolis based artist; her primary medium being photography. She gets her inspiration from beauty found in ALL bodies, along with interesting settings, backgrounds, wardrobe and poses. Much of her work depicts current social and personal issues we face in our lives; including but not limited to: body shaming, body dysmorphia, femininity vs masculinity, cultural expectations, food disorders and current definitions of beauty. She uses her background in writing, painting and collage to add depth and intrigue to her prints. Photoshoots, prints and gift certificates are available through her email or Instagram.


Sidney Zirbes

Sid’s Sweets is a home based cupcake operation, motivated by my love of sweets and forgetting to order cupcakes for my 30th birthday, forcing me to bake them myself. My focus is interesting flavor profiles, combined with over the top toppings and the best ingredients around. Whatever your occasion for cupcakes may be, I’ve got you covered. As Julia Child once said, “A party without cake, is just a meeting.”


Fabrik Marge

Fabrik Marge is an artist based out of Minnesota. She makes animations, jewelry and textile art. Waste and overconsumption are common themes in her art, as a result, all of her designs are made of recycled/gently-used materials.


Candida Gonzalez

A queer, non-binary Puerto Rican native of South Minneapolis, Candida Gonzalez creates jewelry under the name Las Ranas Jewelry. Their work embodies the tropical vibes of the Caribbean and aims to bring empowerment, strength, magic and healing to the people that wear it. Learn more about them at @lasranasjewelry on Instagram.


Urgent Collective

Urgent Collective is a collaboration between three friends who came together to create purposeful and impactful pieces. Urgent is Queer and Trans owned and operated. All pieces are thrifted or deadstock, hand-printed and originally designed. Ann, Brax and Lindsey all have different skill sets but care deeply about sustainability, equality, social justice, and addressing the big questions in our society.


Al’s Tailoring

Al’s Tailoring products are made from sustainably sourced materials with functional design and sturdy construction.


Mourning Dove Silver

A small one-woman silversmithing business out of Northeast Minneapolis. Owner and maker, Emily, creates handmade, one-of-a-kind, non-gendered, jewelry. Mostly working with sterling silver, Emily is almost completely self-taught and sees her business as an artistic outlet, rather than a job. A single mom, and a full time gig as a stylist at a local NE salon, silversmithing is one of her many side passions and ways to contribute to the collection of NE artists.


Stacey Combs

Stacey Combs (AKA stace of spades) is a Minneapolis-based fine artist & illustrator. She works primarily with watercolor, gouache, and ink, bouncing from subject to subject depending on her mood. She strives to balance her nerdiness & pop culture nostalgia with activism, knowing both have a role in making the world a better place.


Taylor Dees

Taylor Dees is a local artist and tattooer currently booking and working @steadytattoo and @beeink in Minneapolis. Gift Certificates are available, as well as watercolor paintings. When not tattooing she enjoys time painting, riding motorcycles and traveling.


Lindsey Cherek

Lindsey Cherek paints to understand and create dialog around the human experience of queer, non-binary, and otherwise marginalized individuals. She focuses on nudes, exploring the vulnerability and power of these figures. Working from a background of research on the intersections of gender and sexuality in art history, Cherek’s process involves attention to the figures’ poses, their direct gaze, and the use of color and mark making to evoke emotion, new ideas, and pleasure.


Cassandra Ko/ Meae Jewelry

Hello! I am MEAE 미애 and I am a jewelry and textiles artist utilizing only real flora while incorporating my Korean-American culture. Using only sustainable practices, I find all the flora myself, dry them, and preserve them in plant based resin. Ever since I was a child I have cultivated a personal relationship with nature and an appreciation for its sparkling, fleeting moments. My wish is to preserve plants like a snapshot in time, so we can admire them in their most spectacular form for many years to come.  All of my art styles and techniques are self taught since summer 2020 and I am continuously growing and improving for exciting collections in 2021. Thank you!